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Restorative Dentistry

Experienced Dentists for Restorative Dental Treatments in Grande Prairie

Do you have a cracked or chipped tooth? It might be prudent to go to Plaza Dental Clinic for restorative dental treatments, including crowns, bridges, and fillings, in Grande Prairie. We are committed to treating every patient in our office like they’re a member of our family. When you come to us, we want to make sure that you leave with a confident smile and feel great about how you look. Restorative dental services are meant to repair damage to your teeth, including cracks, chips, cavities, and root canals.

At Plaza Dental Clinic, we offer many restorative dental procedures, such as:

If you need restorative services performed on your teeth, contact us today to book your appointment.


The decayed areas of your teeth that turn into tiny openings or holes are called cavities. It is important to stop decay with a dental filling to keep your mouth healthy and avoid more invasive treatments (such as a root canal).

If you want to restore your tooth back to its normal function and shape while maintaining the natural look of your beautiful smile, we offer white fillings.


Dental crowns are used to replace damaged or decayed teeth. They can be made of porcelain, metals or any other biocompatible materials. Dental crowns are nothing but caps that are placed on top of damaged teeth. They are used to protect and restore the shape of your teeth. Crowns are used when fillings don’t solve the problem. Nowadays, you can get dental crowns that match the texture and colour of your natural teeth. So, if you have a broken tooth, do not worry. We can fix your smile with a natural-looking crown, and nobody would be able to tell the difference.

A dental crown covers the entire visible portion of the tooth and is like a cap that protects its remaining structure and brings back its original shape, size, and colour.

Here are the reasons you may need a dental crown:

Severe Tooth Decay

If the decay has spread over a large surface area, your tooth must all be removed to stop further damage. A dental filling is often not enough to restore the integrity of your tooth in this case. A dental crown can be a better option.

Root Canal

Your tooth needs reinforcement after a root canal. A dental crown is the most common way to reinforce and restore your tooth's functionality.

Dental Implant

A dental crown acts as your new, artificial tooth and covers the abutment. It is often the last step of a dental implant procedure.


If you have lost a tooth or two, you might be the candidate for bridges. We often recommend this procedure for those:

  • Who are missing one or more teeth

  • Who have an otherwise strong, stable bite

  • Who are not interested in surgical treatment

Our dentist will evaluate your needs and help you decide if a bridge is the best option for your health and future. Schedule an appointment today.

Implant-supported Dentures

It is our most highly recommended denture solution! While traditional dentures are good for some, implant-supported dentures are the clear winner in terms of health, comfort, and long-term happiness.

2-4 dental implants are initially placed in your mouth with this type of denture. Then your denture will be permanently secured to your implants.

The biggest advantages of using implants for your dentures include:

  • It controls bone loss in the jaw and preserves your facial structure

  • It offers more stability prevents slipping and sliding

  • It is easy to maintain and live with day-to-day

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are used to hold the artificial teeth in place. They are usually made of titanium anchors and placed into the jaw to hold the tooth under the gum securely. It plays the part of the root for your artificial tooth. After the extraction of a decayed or broken tooth, your dentist will insert a dental implant in your gums and will give your gums some time to heal. This time also ensures the healthy growth of bone around the dental implant for proper support.

Over time, the bone bonds with the titanium and creates a strong foundation for the artificial tooth. The crown is placed over the dental implant with the help of a support post (abutment). In many cases, the dentist also sets a temporary tooth over the dental implant after the extraction. 

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