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A Recent India Visit

Dr. Inder Dhir and Mr. Rajesh Dhir are so proud to have travelled to India and funded four Multimedia Classrooms for underprivileged schools in India in memory of their beloved parents Ramesh Dhir and Sudesh Dhir.

Our Charitable Dental Clinic

Our 25th Anniversary

Plaza Dental Clinic is proud to announce the completion of 25 years (1995-2020) of service to the community. On this occasion, my staff and I would want to thank each and every one of you who helped us through this journey. This day has been a possibility because of the faith and trust you as patients have placed in us. Our patients are the strong foundation, the pillar and the heart of our practice. Your continuous support has been vital to our success and has made us who we are as a practice today. I also wanted not to miss this opportunity to thank my dedicated staff who has stood by me for the past 25 years. It’s never one but a team that gets you through. To all of them, a heartfelt thank you for your commitment and loyalty. Thanks for sharing my dreams and being my strength to achieve my aspirations.

From Dream To Reality

“Time flies…but I didn’t realize that it flies so fast.

This summer it will be 5 years for our Dream to Reality project. In these years, I was able to offer my services for approximately 9 weeks in my charitable dental clinic. 

We have a full-time staff of 4 qualified dentists helping an average of 35-40 people per day for their emergency dental needs. We have run several dental camps for people of all ages. In camps we cater to the dental needs of school children, residents of orphanages and several other under privileged organizations.   

The smile on their face and the chuckle in their voice is gratification enough. It feels so good that we can help people who are in need. Like always, I would like to thank my patients without whose patronage this was not possible. God Bless.``

Our Amazing Team In India

Serving Food For Those In Need

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