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Timing is Key The biggest factor for the development of cavities is the length of time sugars are staying in your Mouth. While you’re doing the rounds visiting family and friends in the lead up to Christmas and on the big day keep your toothbrush handy. Try to squeeze in some cheeky brushes between meals, treats and drinks. This is the key to not letting those nasty sugars combine with the natural bacteria in your mouth and cause trouble.

How Old is Your Brush? While everyone’s getting shiny new presents it is time to think about your teeth too. You should be replacing your brush every three to four months! Are you Flossing Enough? This seems to be the most forgotten or disregarded chore for most, yet it plays such an important role in dental health especially after those sugary meals (yes, I’m talking about all those guilty pleasures over the festive season). Floss is designed to get into the spaces of your teeth! Drink Plenty of Water Not only will keeping up your water intake keep you hydrated in the summer heat and stop you from becoming the clown who’s had one too many champagnes, water will help flush out the sugars and other nasties from what you have been eating and drinking. Chew Sugarless Gum Chewing gum stimulates saliva production. Saliva is your body’s version of mouth-wash which helps to wash away the sugars that build up around your teeth. Note: Chewing gum containing sugar is completely redundant! Chew Your Way to a Healthy Mouth Don’t forget about the foods that will give your dental hygiene a fighting chance. Quick guide to foods that love you back: Broccoli, tofu, almonds, fish, eggs, poultry, nuts, capsicums, oranges, kale, cucumbers, carrot and apple! Remember though, that this guide is for fresh and or raw products consumed in their natural state. Smothering your carrot stick in French onion dip is not going to reap the benefits of raw carrot. Schedule an appointment with us today!


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